my experience with ist CPA promotion


Dec 29, 2009
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I advertised A teeth whitening product in Google

Spend $ 670 ,clicks 270 conversion 0 ( ZERO)


Guys plz help me out,
Iam dying to make some money
do not start with hard to convert offers, go for email and zip submits, gain experience and then go for big offers
Also, why spend $670 before finally realizing the offer isn't converting...damn! Any offer I test I give a cutoff of how many clicks I'm willing to throw at it before it has to convert. If it doesn't, I move on. I base how many clicks I'm willing to send to it on the actual CPC and then how much the offer pays out.

Were you direct linking or using a LP?
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WOW Pay me $670 i could of least made you 1 conversion LOL

Fuck boy
yea, what redtide said, it's pretty much common sense.

if you spent $100 and didn't get a single conversion, then spending another $100 isn't going to make you a profit no matter what happens.

so spending up to $670 is just.. wtf

i usually like to set my cutoff at 2x the offer's payout. so for example, if the offer pays $40 per conversion, and i spend $80 without converting anything, then i'll stop the campaign.

i just hope you weren't pushing an email submit at $2.50 cpc :p
Let this be an expensive lesson for future use. What you did was what businesses usually do ... before failing miserably. Test the offers and be prepared to stop before going over-limit. Proper business strategy is to test any product with sufficient aloofness. If the product or the method isn't converting, then change your angle of attack... even then if it is not converting then don't put in your whole assets -- the fish isn't simply interested in your bait, so change place or change the bait. Get back to square one and try different product different strategy, a different approach. Before everything else, save your assets - your money in your bank is useful to you to make more money ... while your money in their bank is ... ...
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