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My experience with Amazon Affiliate

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by quytin1992, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. quytin1992

    quytin1992 Newbie

    Jun 16, 2014
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    I've been messing with Amazon for about a year now and got banned 4 times. In case you wonder, I'm using a blackhat method.

    Now I think I know how to survive and want to share some of my tricks with you.

    1/. Account management:
    Create as many accounts as you can and make sure each one is unique. However, don't pump traffic into all of them. You just need 1 or 2 sales to get approved and then just focus on a few accounts and let the others age. Why? Because you don't want to lose all of them at the same time when you make mistake. If you happen to get banned, you will have some old accounts which hopefully fly under radar to start over with.

    Another thing to consider is your payment method. Don't use checks, ever! I prefer Payoneer because they are so easy to open new accounts. Also, don't just enter your payment information right off the bat because when you get banned, you lose a bank account as well. Let your new accounts live at least 1 month before updating your payment information.

    When log in your accounts, make sure your are on a secured OS + network like Tails for example. The reason is obvious.

    2/. Website:
    According to my "happy" experience, they rarely review your sites carefully. In fact, they just skim it. What matters is in their reports. For example, if they see a strange referrer in the list, they will ban you immediately without looking at your site. That's why sometimes people just don't understand why they get their accounts terminated. Heck! There's not even a single explanation. Believe it or not, the so-called Account Specialists are too busy to actually review your sites. They are trained to analyze the stats, the reports. It's an effective way for them, but leaves us unprotected. Any bastard can grab your links and fack you up and no one cares.

    I'm not sure if this helps but uh... Deal with it!

    3/. Traffic and earnings:
    Do NOTbe greedy! I mean it.

    I understand the excitement when you find a method that works well and you just want to see more and more. Don't! Just don't! Instead, go as slow as possible. Only make a few bucks in the first month? It sucks right? But they want to see that. I used to pull around $1200 in the first week with 2 accounts and they banned me without explanation. In fact, there's no reason to explain at all except that they don't want to see me successful too soon. How much you're making doesn't matter. It's the how-long that makes yourself an easy target.

    Just go slow like "everyone else".

    Oh, take some time to get good traffic. The fewer clicks, the better. High conversion rate is the key to keep your accounts alive. Ever heard of auto tagging? Or framing? Or cookie stuffing? Click galore will put your accounts at risk as it's one of the first signs of cookie stuffing.

    Let's say it one more time: G.O S.L.O.W

    4/. If you are evil like me...
    Whodrives traffice from other sources rather than my own site, you will need to launder your money. Blanking or faking, either way you will have to spend some precious time on your site (even they don't care). Throw your links on it, between your "quality" content. Because I blank my referrer, I decide to make my links unclickable. You understand why.

    Well that's all. If you happen to know any helpful tricks, please share them as well.
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