My experience with a Warrior Backlink Blast to NEW domain site...

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    In November I registered a new domain...

    • I used a theme I already purchased for Micro Niche Sites (MNS) looks ugly for an authority site like what I have but I new how to work with it and such = easy.
    • I immediately put Adsense on my site, I don't wait at all.
    • At the point I ordered the Google Blitz Package from Warrior Forum the domain was only 1 month old and had about 10-12 pages with about 5-8 actual articles.

    < Sorry can't post links, but Google 'google blitz warrior forum' and it should be top of the list. My post is #158 >

    If you click the link above it takes you to my screen shot of my Google Webmaster Tools results and there is a link to see another screen shot showing my results 3 weeks after purchase. I also asked the guy NOT to ping my links and I did some (like <100) manual pinging using Pingler and Pingomatic using the excel reports he sent me.

    I didn't really see a sand box like some people talk about. The impressions in Google search seemed to be pretty consistent and did continue to rise gradually.

    Out of the 4,800 backlinks promised:
    I only saw about 800 ever show up in Webmaster Tools and to this date only about 630 are still in webmaster tools... 450 in Alexa...

    Hoepfully, this can be used for some perspective in blasting new sites as I am also looking at doing this again for another authority niche site.

    I am looking for new ideas on what I can do cheaper for my next site since this guy on Warrior Forum prolly had someone else do the work for less.

    Any suggestions?
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    I would check this forum services section and just look at the services that have tons of posts, which means people probably like them a lot. Also, try getting some high pr blog posts, not comments, but actual posts on pages with PR.