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    I am using DM, a website that help rich men in western country to marry russian girls.

    They said no adult traffic

    I asked why? They don't tell.

    I also cannot target men over 30.

    So I sent traffic anyway

    First $500 they said quality control. I passed.

    $1k for first payment. I passed

    I promoted like fuck. Thousands of payment coming in

    a few payment after that my affiliate manager ask if I am only interested on per lead.

    I said I am interested on anything that pays. I am so happy. My first success.

    I sign up to 8 more DM offers.

    This time my affiliate manager says that the advertiser demand pause.

    They said they got measly $100 sales from me.

    I ask, $100? Since when? $100 per day?

    They said, $100 EVER.

    I asked since 3 months ago?

    On last month I scaled up traffic, bid higher, do the whole research.

    And I ask to be paid a bit late to safe wire fee.

    They don't accuse me of fraud. But they said there they ask for pause.

    So all this time, the advertiser told me to go ahead? And pay $15k and they make only $100 and they didn't tell me for 4 months?

    Perhaps prelander and pop means low quality lead?

    I don't know if I will get my last payment. I mean I really do not think that the adult traffic will be a factor and I don't know what percentage of traffic is adult. There are simmilar affiliates that allow adult traffic.

    Why don't they allow it?

    It's not incentivized traffic.

    I feel really bad.
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    Wow, just wow bro...sometimes it's okay to move on from one thing to another.
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    Agree with John; might just have to cut bait and move on....

    I clashed with CJ a couple years ago over some bullshit and had to move to other networks. In the end it ended up being a good thing.

    I hope you get your last payment and things work out.