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Nov 9, 2009
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So this method i came up by myself.You wont see it anywhere else on the internet.It involves Ebooks or zip files,torrents, and a gateway like **************,bhcb etc...
What are you doing?

Promoting ebooks and zip files on torrent sites that require a password to open.This method is kind of hard to explain so try to stick with me here!

You can first download this file to see a example pack

Things you'll notice
READ ME.txt - telling you to get the password for the pdf you have to open "Password.html" which contains a gateway,after the user have did the survey/email submit the password is under the gateway.
Name.pdf - The actual pdf file with protected password
Password.html - Page with password + Gateway

So what do you do?
Go to a popular ebook site, google is your best friend.Download a bunch of ebooks, or maybe find a bundle of 100 ebooks and download them all.Create a New folder called Torrents or Ebooks or whatever you wish.
Make a read me txt file similar to mine,stick yout txt file in there.Now you need to password protect your pdf.That isnt hard just open your pdf and edit it.I suggest picking the same password for all of the pdfs to make it faster and that way you dont have make a new password.html file everytime.You can simply just download a new ebook then copy and paste the readme and password.html from the other ebook.Next thing to do is get your html from bhcb,************** etc..and open up a new notepad.Paste the code, Under the code put the password for the pdf file.I suggest doing what i did with the ************ that way no one can see the password.Then save it as password.html.
Put it in the same folder as you put the read me.txt file and the ebook.
Now make the 3 files a zip file, then create a torrent out of it then upload it to a popular torrent site like piratebay,mininova etc..This process takes a bit to do at first but once you got things running its easy and only takes about 15 secs to make a new torrent file.I know this is or was probably hard to understand but just looking at my example pack should show you how to do it.Good luck! if you have any questions just ask.After its all set up all you have to do is seed the torrents and its fully autmated which is the best part.Unless you want to keep making more money then you just keep uploading more and more ebooks.

Also, you can use this using a zip file instead of a pdf..for example for a crack,software,porn,etc.. be creative

its a very old method and it will work better if you find a email/zip submit offer that dont scrub leads
its a very old method and it will work better if you find a email/zip submit offer that dont scrub leads
feel free to point me to thread thats describes this exact OLD method
This will be the first method that I will spend very much time on it :)



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You could also just have a wordpress blog setup maybe with cpa redirector & cpa money magic, and your blog post having the password in it but being protected by the gateway. Just have your blog link inside the password html.
People were using this method well over 10 years ago, to control access to FTP sites and direct host's

its not new, but its new to you. and you are using it in a different manner than I have seen in the past.
method is very old... but that doesn't mean that variations of it don't work
as everyone here says, the method is old but it still works well. You can do this with any other file, games, videos anything; the only think you wanna make sure is that it is not to big or not to small, about 50-100mb should be good.
Hi oyeah22, thanks for contributing.

Wont people posting the password in the torrent comments significantly lower conversions? I dl torrents frequently and when i come across such password-protected torrents, the password is usually posted in comments within the first few comments.

I would assume you need to upload a SIGNIFICANT number to make the money earned worth your efforts?
Old method but some times those are the best. I guess if you put up something really popular but it is like the above post said, usually people will post the password.
I've seen this method posted elsewhere before and never tried it.
I found a new pdf form creation service recently and wanted to know if anyone thinks they could use it to monetize ebooks/pdfs...
A little question....If you open the html with a text editor you can get the password easily. Are people so dumb to complete the survey?
The reason this works well for you, i would say, is that you use ebooks instead of normal warez crap. Games and apps tend to be flagged more often than ebooks in majority of torrent trackers.
Throwing up 3 ebook packs to torrent sites. Will post updates over the next few days to see if this really works.
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