My current status and where to go

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    Haven't been into IM since 2013, still kept my website up though. Here's where I currently sit:

    - 4 year old 2 word brandable domain name in health industry
    - PR 1
    - Mini authority site with 90+ articles

    Backlinks according to ahrefs:

    Site traffic past 6 months:

    Adsense earns about $4 month.

    So I think i'm in a pretty good position at the moment. I've graduated college and now have a full time job and would like to earn some money on the side and my website seems like it's prime for some link building. I'm just not sure how to go about it. My biggest concern is link velocity. I feel it would look awfully suspicious to buy a bunch of different packages and suddenly flood my website with links. What is the proper rate at which to build links?
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