My CPM Abritrage Ideal: Feedback appreciated?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by creampiefan1, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Here is an untested ideal to create 100%, scalable, guaranteed profit of every click to your website without ever having to sell a thing.

    1) First sign up for PPC, PPV, Popups, Interstitial ad networks. These will be used to bring in traffic to your landing page.

    Try to keep the cost per view at $.005 or lower

    2) Sign up as a publisher for the highest paying CPM networks that will accept you.

    3)Place enough CPM ads on your landing page so that each impression is greater than your minimum acceptable return on investment. For example, if you paying $.005 per view. and the CPM network pays you $.0015 per mill/ ad; then if you placed 5 ads totaling $.0075; you would net $.0015 for every hit to your landing page.

    4) Scale up! Since you are guaranteed profit; then it is your benefit to send as much as possible.

    Always buy targeted traffic to the CPM ads on your landing page.

    The key is to only use bought traffic sources that by their nature display your landing page in it's entirety (like PPV, Popups, Interstitial ads). Or use PPC that only charge when clicked.

    Buying banners or other CPM ads, to send traffic, are not ideal since you can have many impressions and no clicks. They whole point is to guarantee profit every time your landing page is displayed.

    Would the CPM networks that I use to monetize try to ban me? What precautions do I need to take? How can this ideal be improved?

    Would a landing page containing multiple CPM be activated and counted as a impression if displayed inside a Popup, PPV, or interstitial ad?

    Would having multiple CPM ads on a landing page cause the page to load slow?

    I would appreciate some feed back on this ideal because I wonder why I have not read of any one doing something like this before?
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    traffic that can be purchased for the prices you are mentioning won't convert for any CPM yes, any decent CPM network would investigate your traffic and can you.

    that and the only traffic that cheap that I can think of is the RON PPV traffic (and even that is close). I've run campaigns on that traffic, and the conversions are absolutely horrible on freebie offers. I imagine it gets worse when you are talking banner clicks to keep the CPM network happy..

    so in short, the reason you haven't read about anyone doing this is because it doesn't work. search for ppc arbitrage (same idea, only w/ PPC ads) from like 04 and 05 and you'll get a much better idea to run with something similar to what you're thinking of.
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