My clickbank method in the making (also my first post)

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    Hey everyone,

    I made an account recently and did some lurking in the CB section. I've been thinking about making money online all year and I think I'm finally going to make the commitment to begin in October. For clickbank/affiliate marketing this is what I have in mind so far in a step-by-step format. Any comments/opinions are hugely appreciated!

    1. Niches
    -With or without using tools, mining for a micro niche.
    -keyword research on niche to decide a domain name & topics for website.
    -analyzing competition / potential profitability.
    2. Market Research
    -learning the micro niche inside-out.
    -with the use of forums, identify the market's needs/pain/problems/other interests (other interests can help if using freebees as a lure to build a list)
    3. Content & Website Structure
    -decide a few topics (long-tail keywords), and decide what 1 or 2 pages per topic could be about.
    -with information to fill the content pages, from Market Research, hire a writer to create all the content, (with SEO obviously)
    -design physical structure of website / navigation, and design templates of how they'll look.
    4. Hiring & launch
    -send a web designer content and templates and have him/her put it together (again, obviously with SEO stuff)
    -launch & track with tools
    5. Marketing
    -articles, forum & blog comments, PPC after 5-10 sales
    -building a bunch of free blog sites for backlinking

    I haven't made a single attempt marketing online, but so far this is my strategy to start with. But from my understanding, most successful businesses make their profits from their list. So.. I'm thinking just using the website PRIMARILY to BUILD that list.. and then use the actual list for selling.

    My main concern is what the site should look like. how many pages, how many topics, what pages the products are promoted on. And a question: is it more time efficient to base the niche on a product you think has potential, or find a profitable niche and find products to match it?

    I'm not looking for quick cash, I want to build a sustainable income and sell it in a couple years. Eventually I want to expand from the super micro niche, to covering similar niches, than dominate. Adding more products and maybe creating one of my own. My goal is for this site to be making $8k a month, and I expect the income to grow to that within 8 months. I'm verrrry ambitious and willing to invest a fair bit of cash into it as well!

    Any thoughts? =)
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