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    Hello everybody,

    2 months ago i started a blog to earn some passive income from adsense.I did most of the SEO,some article writing and i had high expectations because my keywords were quite good and not with that much competition.I quit it because i had no money to invest to buy more articles for SEO and backlinking.

    These days i decided to start my project again,mainly because im into that stuff and i like spending time building something my own.My first problem though was the money investments i needed to make.I was in need for some good SEO articles and as you can see im not a native english user. So , article writing was out of the table. I did some, using spin and i also outsourced 3-4 articles to make 2 decent ones.I also copied - pasted 2 articles which had free copyrights etc.

    So i need some decent articles for my main page and also for my web2.0 backlinks to continue my blog.

    Im trying to earn some money from PPA right now so i can buy some articles to expand myself and get some traffic but these methods are not for me.

    If anyone willing to help with some advice or review my website and tell opinions feel free to post below.