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My Best Tips For New Internet Marketers…

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by giftedwizard, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. giftedwizard

    giftedwizard BANNED BANNED

    Mar 2, 2011
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    Tip #1. Get Involved In The Community

    This is one of the fastest-growing community i ever seen and we are all working towards the same goal: to make money online. A large part of becoming successful with IM is the ability to socialize and interact with other people. You really can?t do this all on your own. Lucky for you, you?re now part of a great community and can meet new people, make friends, and work with others towards success.

    Tip #2. Start Reading And Take Action On What You Learn

    I can?t stress this enough. I?ve seen many marketers on other sites struggle with I.M. because they didn?t know how to get started. Again, luckily for you, this is the perfect place to get started and all you need to do is to take action.

    Tip #3. Choose A Path, Make A Long-Term Plan and Stick With It

    This is very important. There are many strategies and models here you can choose to start making money. Choose one and stick with it. Most marketers don?t stick with a method long enough to start seeing results. Making money takes time and hard work. Don?t go to a different path before you are absolutely sure that what you are doing won?t work.

    Tip #4. Set Small Achievable Goals

    Once again, building an online business take time. For this reason, when you first get started you need to set small, achievable goals and build from there.

    Here?s are a few examples of realistic and achievable goals:

    - Join blackhatworld? done!
    - Start going through training, and learn as much as you can.
    - Choose a niche.
    - Build your first website on your own. (i recommend wordpress ? see training for help)
    - Create 10 articles to fill your site.
    - Get your site and its pages indexed in google.
    - Promote your site to get traffic (using free techniques ? see training for this)
    - Join a few affiliate networks and choose some products to promote on your site.
    - Start making $1/day
    - Start building a list and set up a newsletter. (very important)
    - Learn and implement new ways to drive traffic to your site, both free and paid.
    - Grow your business to $5/day
    - Start using social neworking. Create a FB page, a twitter account, a linkedin account?etc.
    - Increase income to $10/day
    - Learn more ways to get more exposure.
    - Aim to reach $1k a month.
    - Create your own product and sell it to your visitors, list, followers etc.
    - Keep working on it but also start new projects to expand your business (outsourcing is king :p )

    As you can see, these goals are realistic and doable. It will take time but the point is that you will always be making progress and moving forward towards success.

    Tip #5. Don?t Be Afraid To Ask For Help!

    Your membership here comes with unlimited support. You don?t have to pay for it as it?s included with your membership.

    If you get stuck with any of your current projects or you are having trouble following any training or you have questions, ASK FOR HELP!

    I?ve noticed that most people tend to just give up and cancel everything they?ve accomplished instead of bothering to ask for help.

    Trouble building your first site? Ask for help!
    Don?t know what to products or offers promote? Ask for help!
    Confused by something? Ask for help!
    You don?t know how to start? Ask for help!
    You have questions about anything related to I.M? Ask for help!

    It?s as simple as that. I could go on and on. The point of this community is to help you get on the right track. Don?t ever hesitate for a moment to ask for assistance. All you need to do is to create a new thread in the support area.

    Tip #6. work smarter not harder

    Tip #7. Give It Time

    Don?t expect to make millions overnight. It takes time and hard work to start seeing results. Keep working on it and be patient. Results will come naturally.

    Tip #8. Celebrate Your Success

    This is, by far, the most important part this guide.

    You need to take time to celebrate your accomplishments.

    I?m not talking only about monetary success. You need to celebrate all your accomplishments no matter how small or profitable they are.

    Things like creating a site, reaching 100+ subscribers to your list, creating your first product, making your first sale?they are all huge accomplishments and major steps to your online business success.

    Seeing your hard work paying off gives you an amazing feeling. Please share your success story with us. I am sure many members here can benefit from it as a discussion like this can be highly motivational and helpful.

    I hope this guide helped you put a few things into perspective. Feel free to leave comment below if you have any questions.
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  2. BrianKade001

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    Aug 25, 2011
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    Excellent tips and suggestions mentioned by you. Glad to have members like you on BHW.
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  3. darkjolly

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    Jan 16, 2013
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    Thanks for the advice!

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