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My ambition, but would like some advice.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by riskymonk, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. riskymonk

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    Dec 14, 2012
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    Hello handsome people.

    I am currently working on a games site more towards strategy gamers with some unique content. My long term goal is to earn between £600 and £1000 a month from this website and maybe another one not too sure yet. I'd like to go out and travel the world this is why I need to monetize a couple of sites.

    I'd just like some suggestions and criticism on how I'll go about monetizing the site. For my unique content which will be the main page, I'd like to implement PPV or CPI banner ads you know the one that shows along the bottom. I saw a friendly looking one on a site and it was only about 2cm tall so something like that would do. I'll put a commission paying ad on the main page every now and then (maybe end of every month for 2 or 3 days) but it won't be a permanent thing as this will be to prevent ad blindness. For the flash games part of the site I've added a chitika box ad (a small one that shows just one advert) at the bottom middle of each page and commission based ads at the top to the right of the images of the flash games. The images are placed around this ad section. I want to host a forum for the site so that the visitors can discuss tips/strategy's on how to complete the games on my unique content. This'll give them a good reason to sign up for if they are having trouble or would like to cheat their way around the game. I'll monetize the forum but some are saying most forums are very hard to monetize and I can see why when I go on a forum because I just want to get the information I'm looking for.

    If you could boast about your earnings from your websites I'd really appreciate that. I'd need a little motivation for when times get tough.