My ACTION plan for recover after P2.0 hit - thoughts?

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    hi guys, Im just trying to recover my sites from some P2.0 hits. Most of my sites are "sniper" EMDs and main KW is 20-25% of achor txt's for whole domain. I think thats too much for these days. Action is in progress but here are the steps I took;

    0. I check dupilcate content at copyscape

    1. I Remove last PR links nad wait, if that wasnt the cause then I re-publish posts once again - looking somewhere else

    2. Im coming back to my PR links and I edit posts once again. I change achor txt for more generic and I wait

    3. Im running generic KWs senuke campaigns, all set for about 8-10 days. I dont do too much of tiers. I use quality content with pics, vids etc.

    4. Im trying to find my ways to get authority links, guest blog comments might be that way...

    4. I wait for changes....

    I red dozens of good materials about P2.0 recovery and I think diverse anchor txt is essential. As my ranking links remain under my control (PR network) then I dont see what else can we do. I dont really think there are some effective tools to find "bad" links, I tried some and each of the software shows diffrent things.
    I use ranking links (PR) from many domains (I use other people PR sites also) and everything dances now, I dont think my network got contaminated as I use other people domains also.

    IMO we cant do much more then just diverse anchor txt ratio, if that wont work then its waste of time to continue with that site, move to new one...

    Thats my game plan, some thoughts will be appreciate as many of us got some problems now I think.

    Just one thing at the end, I run many sites, some of them are sniper EMDs and some of them are freshly started aged domains and I have to say that only EMDs got hit and my name for it is not Penguin 2.0, its rather EMD update 2.0 ;)

    Opinions are more then welcome...