My 100th Post: Save $1,000's or Pay NOTHING For Most Products & Services With This Script!

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    Will it cater or work for everyone, no. Will it work most of the time if you creatively ask the owner
    of an online service or product to grant you a free month/year extension, product/service for free, extra
    service benefits, pay less or overall just get you $better deals$ for most online products or services
    you want right now? Yes it will!

    Here's a script that has saved me $1,000's over quite a few years online (saved as a .doc for years!):

    Re: Forward immediate release and view of NAME (or the the owner of

    Hi XXXX,

    I just started as a member of and notice the value of your product(or service) at XXXXX today. I think XXXXX is an ideal fit for mebecause XXXXX. I just know
    great products when I see them and XXXX fits my taste out of the countless options available online. Since wee both can benefit substantially by doing an
    exchange, I was wondering if you guys would $excited$ and happy about an exchange of XXXX for a permanent promotions at my site XXXX in exchange
    of a reasonable discount for your XXXXX.

    In fact, I am so interested in becoming a partner with XXXX and helping it become viral by spreading the word with my hard work and years of
    results, so among the above value and hands free benefits to you I am also willing and freely able to do and entertain the execution of these for your

    - Make a solid youtube video testimonial explaining why I already like to use your XXXX
    - Permanent direct response testimonial to use as you like in any of your websites
    - Use you on my aweber email list targeted to "XXXX" which has X% conversion in our market
    - Give you permanent link exposure at my SEO agency site(launching this Aug 31) and all my sites without affiliate link
    - Translate your entire site to XXXX, my mother tongue, in a way that talks to your audience (Google translator is just too funny!)

    Evaluate this mutually beneficial proposal. Like I'd subconsciously think at loud; "why the heck not!" with so much value. Feel free to put
    a price on the above and I am sure you'll dig the deal and see big value in this free exchange. It might be perfect, it might not if
    you're already satisfied with your results. I don't lose anything by asking and my intentions by common sense are not to offend you by
    sticking a ballpark price, but to genuinely meet mutual interests with some of your potential long term needs and as an obvious bonus gaining a
    new business friend thanks to a simple, smart exchange.

    I did my research well and I think you'll like this because XXXX and XXXX. If this is a deal that you genuinely like NAME, get in contact with me
    as I am obviously eager to read your conclusions.

    Best regards,
    Mobile: XXXX


    The above would be valuable and good for most us. It doesn't always work, that's reality. However, if you modify
    the above script to your own and study the persons need(s), you'll most likely get what you want. At the very least a
    step closer to what you can afford or with extra benefits just for the effort. Just think about it, most of us just run small
    businesses with 1-3 employees/partners or by ourselves. It'll often work for these..

    - Getting a free or discounted training
    - Discounted deal on info memberships (eBooks, video training, the likes)
    - Paying less in membership fees, lifetime memberships at a discount or free
    - Having access to free stuff in exchange of your time

    Based on what you earn or if you just love discounted and free stuff like just like I do, calculate your hourly
    rate from the moment you step into that shower, to the moment you stop working and I know you
    might also find the above script useful to strike a beneficial deal or get a good ROI on your time depending
    what product or service you seek.

    And yes, yes! If you do like the above let me know about it and feel free to comment, pumps anyone jaja!

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    full time IM
    Great twist man and i think there is a lot of possibility with that. I will try my luck with this. Never did anything like this , EVER.
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    great post, will try it out
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    has that "script" been through the worst article spinner on the tinterweb?
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    Glad some of you liked it, was thinking here common sense, stuff that we just forget from time to time but allows us to
    save so much $! Just got a $199 1 year service by agreeing to do a quick gopro video with testimonial about the service
    and a promise to add a permanent link to my new blog for 2 years with just 20% commission instead of 40%. My blog
    reviewing products is not even live yet but he knew what I paid for the domain, among other supporting details and accepted
    after 1 failed attempt to keep full 40% commission.

    It has worked on membership products, services and mostly MONTHLY services. Just like JVs but often without having to
    talk about email submissions, opt-in conversion, the likes.

    Now imagine if you take the time to do your own script and just test it since yours might be that should work
    even better:cool:
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    It can be very productive to reach out in this way. Great script!

    It's funny - even though I am a copywriter my first instinct when I read the word script was to imagine this as some app or executable file. Now of course I see it's a well written script or form letter.
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