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My $100+ A Day Dating Method

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by weedman420, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. weedman420

    weedman420 Junior Member

    Aug 15, 2010
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    Hey BHW members

    This method works very good and can earn some quick cash from it. It can be scaled up to make ALOT more!!

    1. Get an account at www.adspaying.com there dating offers pay $5+ per signup and they support alot of countrys.

    2. Once you get approved witch dont take long look for a dating offer you would like to promote.

    3. Get your tracking link for the offer you picked and use a domain or free domain to redir to the offer url.

    4. Go to www.babblesex.com and make a profile with a hot girl pic and a sexy name.

    5. Now in her profile put something like this " Signup To Me Free Webcam At yourdomain.com No Credit Card Needed"

    6. Then you want to go to chatrooms and go to room list and open up every room you can and just idel in them.

    This is a very easy method and it works VERY good. Try making 5 girls and running them all at once useing different browsers. You can scale this up alot talking to the guys will also help you get more leads so dont be shy it worth it!!

    Here is also a list or a few more site you can use this method with.

    www.adspaying.com has the highest paying offers use there offers to bank BIG!!

    Think outside the box and maybe add some twists to this method and you will see ALOT more then $100 a day!!

    Let me know how its going for you!

    Scaling is the key!!

    Happy Earning