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    I don't know so much about all this. What I get is that I need a website with rich content that helps the visitors and on that run adsense or some other AP. What are some of the best topics or guides on this forum that can help me on my way better understanding on how to create a site, get visitors etc...

    btw: have this Affiliate an hour a day book, what's your exp with it?
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    not rich content but valuable content
    you just need to know about

    SEO - how to rank a website
    Social Traffic - like facebook n pinterest
    learn about monetizing website - your site arrangements (simple n clear)
    ads placement - best spot that give ads appeals more to visitors

    adsense is simple like
    website + adsense + traffic = $$$
    but each of it have a lot of factors (huge factors that u need to learn)

    it tooks me 7 month reading about it all and the most important is content (keywords)

    for other ap, like CB
    good reviews articles are the most important, plus traffic too.. then SEO or social marketing..

    i learn this, even you have a poor content, if you good in marketing or SEO, you still can makes money..
    but the earning depends to what you choose...

    im sory for bad english and if my reply doesnt meet your answers ^^
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    There's already a bunch of threads on this topic already. Try doing a little bit of searching and you should find all your questions answered. But just get some shared host ,I would suggest host gator since your a beginner. Install a CMS like wordpress on it. Find some keywords that people are actually searching with online. Write some quality content on your site targeting those keywords . After that build some links with those key words to generate some traffic.
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    To the very basics it is as simple as:

    - Have lots of traffic
    - Monetize the site with ads/cpa/whatever

    From then on its a numbers game.
    The more traffic you have, the more clicks/orders/conversions you have, the more profit.

    So, now you only need to find a way to get lots of traffic.
    This can be anything like, as you already mentioned, a rich content site that is actually usefull, do some seo, rank in serps, and see traffic coming in.
    You can also 'buy' traffic. Most cheap traffic is shit though. Also look out for automated traffic (aka bots).
    You can buy ads on other sites and drive traffic to your site like that, trying to earn more then you spent.
    You can lift on established big sites and try to drive traffic that way (facebook/twitter/tumblr/other social networks)

    Well, just use your mind, be creative and the most important thing is getting lots and lots of traffic, the more the better :p