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    Now first I would like to say thank you to the Black Hat World community and its devoted staff for sustaining a community that cares and changes lives. (Wow changes lives?) Yes! What else would you call someone barely making their monthly bills starting to bank online and finally being able to afford their place of residence or simply a good meal?

    Now for those of you that may feel left behind in some of the riches you see being made online this guide to success is for you. Unlike allot of guides you will not find false information in subject to self-promotion or an idealized fantasy (More on that later) Oh but wait are you successful in IM or online income? That's great! However it would not hurt to make this quick read and decide for yourself if the points laid out here are within you're mission towards success.

    So let's begin.....

    Now first if you have absolutely no income and zero investment capital then it should be obvious to you that your options are limited. Not only are your options limited but it may be wise for you to get a normal job for start-up cash. Sorry to bust your bubble but I do not know of ANY method out their that's not going to require a little start up cash.

    Can it be done from nothing? Well technically yes...However you're going to increase the speed and likely hood of your success by %500 percent by accepting the fact you might need to work at McDonald's a few weeks to pay for software and necessary tools that you will utilize for success. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT become one of those people bitching about how they're going to give up on IM just because it's too hard when in reality they never even worked for start-up capital. So consider this as you read this Guide.

    Ready to get rich and make bank? Just clear your mind right now of bullshit for five seconds. Stop wasting your hard earned money on false statistics and endless services/software. By doing this you're going to limit your cost and gain and edge that many new comers fail to realize.

    Think logically and less emotionally. If you continue with a mindset that encompasses the thought of an idealized fantasy then you can hang up success until you snap out of this vicious circle of sharks trying to sell you something that's not real. Don't buy into a nice thought or a wish. Remember to think logical and basic.

    Point out one successful Internet Marketer to me who does not have one quality or skill set that started them out in IM rather it be anything from Photoshop skills or article writing.

    I do not care what it is you better develop a skill. Guess what? Marketing = Selling yourself...How can you sell yourself if there is nothing of you to sell? I am sure you're a nice person reading this and a potential good friend. But that does not cut it in the business world. Find a way to make yourself a solution to others. This is a critical step to success and unless your already planning on spending thousands upon thousands of investment dollars for little outcome I would suggest you learn a skill right now.

    NOTE: Having a skill will lead to better contacts and personal relationships. (Important in business)

    I am sure by now you have stumbled across those magical WSO's and guides that will make you xxx.xx
    amount of money with little to no investment. Go ahead and burn those if they tempt you too much. However if you can handle it I would suggest soaking up some different knowledge especially later on.

    Even if it is bullshit twist to anything can generate income. Not to mention the fact you need information going in to create even more ideas. Instead of concentrating on these Golden methods I would suggest concentrating on Idealism. What do I mean by that Unclemike? I mean realize exactly what your strong qualities are and utilize those qualities to your advantage in making money and building leverage. Stick to simplicity at first and start making a solid income before you play with experiments.

    Look at the diagram I made closely. It's simple really. All you need to do to make money is connect with the customer. Find a problem in their life or propagate one. Then kindly point them in the right direction which just so happens to be your solutions. Next thing you know you're make cash and your customers thinks it's a cost well rationalized.
    (Nice to have a skill about now right?)


    Okay so now you're to the point of maybe making your own website or e commerce platform? Sounds great! I would suggest supporting your fellow members and look in the BST first. In my opinion you cannot beat a person at their own skill and trade so it would be wise to outsource this unless of course this is your skill set.

    Furthermore there is no point in messing around with low quality service. I know from reading around on the forum BigBuddy and T0mmy both have some amazing services out there. Also do not expect instant results in the SEO game. Again it may take months of hard work but once your established you can get allot more sales than what you paid into the investment.

    Then you're on autopilot bringing in residual income and investing a portion of that in monthly outsourcing to keep a steady income. If you're reaching this point then count yourself a success and now start thinking about staying up to date with current market trends and exactly what keywords you might need for success.

    I hope if this guide accomplished anything is that to make money online you need to think logical and stop with the idealistic fantasies and golden methods. Please learn to gain a skill and work for start-up cash to build your success. I have used these principles to make a healthy income online even though I am not a SEO specialist. But I did not have to be good at SEO to make money. I just needed to understand pure marketing, cut out the bull shit and learn how to outsource efficiently.

    All the best to the community and if you ever need someone to talk to PM me or ask for my Skype.


    PS. Any good business has a list of healthy contacts. If you do not have one I would suggest you get social ;)
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    Very lengthy post. ;) However, I appreciate the efforts you have put in for writing this post.

    Cheers :)
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    Cheers Unclemike (hehe awesome username)

    Fantastic advice!
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    Very, Very well put. A very informative read for a beginner trying to correct his potentially erroneous mindset!

    Thanks unclemike!
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    Very well written, I can see you put a lot of thought into this. A friend wants to start IM and I am going to send him to this article.
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    Should check out Jim Rohn on this stuff.


    Basically: We have the best opportunity to make ourselves into anything we want, all you need to do is work on yourself full time and make yourself more valuable to the market place. I agree 100% with the OP, develope a skill and use the skills you learn here to market it rather than marketing dildos and penis pills, haha. He's kind of boring to listen to, but the things he speaks of are 100% gold.
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    Thank you, Yeah it's long but I am not sure how to concise everything I wanted to express.

    Hey thanks allot Uppa...Glad you liked it :)

    Your welcome Sinopian...Glad it was a nice read for you and appreciate the feedback.

    Thank you! Sure send it to him. Starting out it is critical to develop the right mind set and build off of basic

    Let me know if you all have any questions.