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Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by nicoms91, Mar 20, 2014.

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    Mar 9, 2014
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    Hi, guys! Ive started with cb about 2 years ago. Ive only worked for about 2 or 3 months and I was able to earn 3k till now (I sold products in the spanish market). Now i want to go back into business, but i find myself a litle outdated. At that times i used affiliate elite for products searchs and it was very usefull. But now things have changed, or at least in think that. So, I want to ask you for softwares/wp plugins/seo tools,etc. taht you think are indispensable or lifechanging in this. I know that there are a lots of post about this, but they all are separated and I think that a nice recap will help all. Just post the name and a quick descrip.

    thanks a lot!
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