Multiniche hack website SEO questions

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by roberbers, Jul 7, 2017.

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    I want to start to build Multiniche websites for Game hacks.

    Have some questions tho and hopefully someone can clarify at least some of them for me.

    1) As I know, pages such as Disclaimer, Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy are good to have in your page.
    Do these pages must be unique and get through Copyscape? Or these pages could be copied?

    2) How to proceed first off-page boost.
    Let's say I have and create first niche related post :

    Do I send diversify packages + pbns to root domain or to created post at first? Should I strengthen my root domain before I do something to my posts? Or by building links to my post I will also rank my root domains page? What would be better?

    I have bought a clean expired domain with:
    UR 1
    DR 23
    RD 15
    TF/CF 7

    3) Let's say I create 1 niche / 1 post every day. Will they rank eventually by themselves depending on my backlinks for root domain or I have to build links for every post to strengthen the niche?
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    I would surely not start a multiniche site without prior SEO experience, even though it's just hacks and craps. Diversity packages won't help you much in niches dominated by hundreds of PBN links. You are better off trying to rank for something longterm-ish.

    Also, these niches suck hard. Full of retarded kids who will keep neg SEOing and reporting you. You can easily get penalised before you even rank. This niche is a plague.