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    I've been recently getting into Internet Marketing and got involved with Network Marketers that I shouldn't have. I was offered to join a company that could potentially make me some money by offering people "great software products." I was aware of the dangers of Network Marketing and knew what I was getting into, the only thing I didn't know was that the product would be absolute CRAP!

    Their services claim to give you an Auto Responder Email Service, Funnel Pages, Capture Pages, along with easy to assemble opt-in pages. The company is only a couple years old but the products are almost pre-historic. This stuff wouldn't even pass in '05 it was so terrible. As some of you may know you get sponsored by the people above you in these companies. These guys were out there training me to lie to people on Facebook and tell them how great these products are. (Personal side note) I decided to tell them I'm leaving and that I'm asking for a refund, where they got aggressive trying to tell me that these products are incredible!

    I emailed the company and surprisingly got a refund, after a week of struggling with their email response rate.

    Overall a terrible MLM company and a horrible experience.
    10/10 would not recommend. Stay away from this kind of BS and stick to Affiliate and CPA marketing. Cheers!

    What are your guys's/gals' thoughts on this whole MLM trend going on? It seems like every time I log into Facebook I get a message from someone trying to pitch me their Network Marketing comapany.