Multi-Faceted Experience With E-Cigarettes

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    Jan 27, 2011
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    As a smoker since age 16 I need something really effective if I want to quit. And I do. I have already tried just quitting flat out, and I was crabby, tense, and impossible to live with. So a few months ago I came across E-cigarettes , and was definitely intrigued.
    The first product I tried was SmokeTip , and I found the experience totally acceptable as an alternative to tobacco. Now I'm busy trying other brands, like E-smoke and GreenSmoke. And while each one is slightly different - not surprisingly - I have several facets to comment on.
    One is price: the wide variation in costs and shipping charges from one brand to the next is surprising, since the three I tried were quite comparable, only different in small ways. A second facet is vapor quantity - I can't say this is my concern but I can see how it might be a selling point for some folks. By the way there is a site which reviews the various brands from different points of view. That's interesting to read.
    One more facet is availability. I know why certain industries are fighting the over-the-counter sale of e-cigarettes, but I feel that's hogwash. This product is far safer than tobacco. And the final facet I want to mention is effectiveness as an alternative to smoking. Vap-ing serves my needs well, and those of guys like me who are not hardcore chain smokers. I've already realized a big drop in tobacco consumption - and that's good enough for me!