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    Ok, I looked up and down the forum to find the right section for this but couldn't decide where so I just put it in here. If it's the wrong place I am sorry... I'll give the mods a whip to chastise me with myself lol - or I'll just write Harro is sexy 1,000 times - by hand.

    My question is this. If I only had enough cash to get either Market Samurai or Link Farm thingie (I am a dork I can't remember the full name of the proggy) this month and would need another month to get the other, which should I go for? Which would be more useful?

    I am focusing on building niche sites at the moment. I write articles for cash to eat and pay rent and I am trying to build at least 3 sites every week. Hopefully I can pick up speed on this but it's still better than nothing.

    Thanks everyone.