MS SEO Results TOO Localized Now

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    I was checking backlinks and got the bright idea to use MS, which I haven't touched in months, as a third reference point...

    ...except when I looked at the SEO Competition results, all of a sudden the pages that were returned are INSANELY localized...and with horrible PR as the top results.

    There are results with nearby town names in the URLs; seriously bumbleclucking towns with BS sites that cannot all be the top 10.

    wtffff I just checked the results in Google (not logged into any account) and they're different. So, the insane localization of the search when logged in to gmail has already begun...oh joy...So unless someone has a better idea than me opening gmail accounts all over the fucking WORLD, please give some wisdom.

    Everything's working fine with MS otherwise (I love that it went back to showing all seotc and seotr automatically instead of having to click each and every bloody one...each and every bloody one...).

    On a positive note, this is great help for doing local business SEO...

    EDIT: it's only this way for me for SOME keywords, so the new changes are clearly being tested. sorry for the bad post format, i've been tweaking over this
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