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    I have a site that is filled with loads of music .mp3 files. I've been slowly earning money through linkbucks so anyone wanting to directly download the mp3 has to watch a 10 second video and I get paid.

    A lot of hosting doesn't allow file hosting and mp3 hosting with high bandwidth and space but I went through
    US Based hosting. Even though i'm UK based and my music site has mainly UK traffic the unlimited bandwidth and space certainly holds up to the mark.

    It's $4.84mo with free domain reg, if you use a coupon code. use unlimit or 25off and it knocks 25% off the price.

    Here's a little tip: after you create your first site, become an affiliate and only pay $2.42mo per site and free domain name reg.

    I've been with them around a year and a half and have 8 sites with them.