Moving multiple Penguin/Panda sites?

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    I have around 10 EMD niche sites that were affected by google updates and now only get 10-30% of before traffic. Since they are generally on the same topic and the content on them is high quality I want to make one new site and move all the content from these 10 sites to the new site (I dont feel like browsing through all the links to all 10 old sites...). Any experiences on how to do this, what to be careful off and how to best use the old sites for linking?

    How to move the content - just delete the article on the old site and post it on new one or is there something else to look for?

    The make 301 redirects from old articles to new ones or note?

    Use old sites for linking to new site? Maybe use a buffer sites between the old and new one?

    If anyone has done something similar any help is appreciated. Tnx
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    Once Google finger prints your site it's hard to use the same domains or content once they are considered "burnt".

    Moving the content or linking the old domains to the new site isn't recommended. A mid-way solution might be to use a tool like spin each article one by one go over them, make any grammatical changes that you deem necessary and recycle the content in that fashion. I would not advise linking the burnt domains to the new one... Good chance that the penalty might pass.
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