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Moving A Domain: How Should I Approach The 301?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by DJMS1, May 25, 2017.

  1. DJMS1

    DJMS1 Registered Member

    Aug 29, 2012
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    So I have this random site that I built last year, but really don't do anything with. I originally saw the domain at Expired Domains and it had decent metrics for a starter site, no Chinese spam-site history and it was exactly what it said it was for many years (e-commerce), which was surprising as it's a sports related niche that can be spammy as f***.

    Anyway, I'm a sports fan, and I only bought it to try and test out some random onsite SEO methods, as well as have an excuse to join a certain affiliate program, basically, I could talk about something I like and get discounts on some merchandise while testing out some SEO theories. Decent pastime.

    Here's the problem, it has a sports trademark in the name. While I haven't been kicked out of my original program, the one program I was looking to get into (who actually represents that trademark) told me I could only join if I moved sites. At first, I didn't really care as I hadn't put much into the site, but now I do because that trademark holder has some exclusive stuff that would help me expand the site a little. I've actually moved up for some medium-comp KWs in Google just by letting it age and made a few sales, so I'm more motivated now.

    Before I break down the "301" scenarios, here is some structure info.

    The current site is set up like this:

    trademark-emd.com (a one page lander talking about the main niche)
    /support-page-1 (sub-page for umbrella keyword, supporting main niche, linked up)
    /support-page-2 (and so on...)
    //support-article-1 (article for relative keyword, supporting sub-page, linked up)
    //support-article-2 (and so on...)

    *SERP note* Any movement in G is all based on onsite SEO, other than the metrics from domain history, I have zero backlinks to my site's articles/sub-pages, yet some of them are on page two for some decent monthly searches.

    Here's the difference between sites, trademark-edm.com lander page is now going to be an inner page on my new site (as I mentioned, I want to expand my site's potential a bit.) so old "trademark-emd.com" page becomes "newsite.com/trademark-innerpage"

    The new site makeup will now have more pages like:

    Although the innerpages will be different products, they all fall under the same sports niche.

    So in theory, which scenario do I use to point the old domain at the new one (which I've already built offline)

    1) trademark-emd.com > newsite.com


    2) trademark-emd.com > newsite.com/trademark-innerpage

    I mentioned *SERP note* only because I'm debating whether to just forward the main domain rather than bother with supporting articles and their respective new home (they have zero backlinks) or to roll up my sleeves and do it that way to help G recognize the new site. I plan to do this 301 and notify GWMT.

    Forgive me for being so long-winded, I've just spent a few days recreating the new site and wanted a few informed opinions before I pulled the trigger.

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  2. DJMS1

    DJMS1 Registered Member

    Aug 29, 2012
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