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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by danielgb123, Jan 14, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    I've had a movie site for around 20 days now, it's made upwards of $1200 in that time, however the last week or so it has dropped big time and isn't making much at all.

    I was planning on selling the site in a couple of weeks and if I intend on getting what I want, it needs to start making money again.

    It has a CPAL3ad gateway on it and that's where all earnings have come from, I can negotiate how much I pay you, however I will need to have it making at least $30 a day within two or so weeks when I plan on selling.

    If anyone is interested PM me, it would be awesome if you could show me how you are generating the traffic as when I sell it, I'll need to disclose this information - if you make enough, disclosing the method should pay for itself.

    I'll pay you whenever I get the payment, if necessary I can pay off early and get an early payment - or pay out of my own money.

    No adult or generally wrong methods can be used as this is just a movie site and not an adult site.

    I will pay for hosting, update the site with new movies and anything else I might need to do.

    So yeah, I've probably forgotten something that you might bring up so PM me and I can give more details and see whether you are interested.

    Thanks :)
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    please pm me site, i may be able to help
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    Pm me i can suggest you a few things..
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