Oct 7, 2009
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So I have been working on CPA marketing for about a year now. At first I was making some good money, bringing in more and more each day. Then the method went down a bit and I wasn't making much at that point in time. Since that method was bad I decided I needed to try something new so I kept trying new stuff, tried several new methods that seemed to work for other people, yet nothing seemed to work for me. I really need to start making money again, and I could use some kind of a head start in a good direction. Any ideas?
What were you doing before that was making you money?

Give us some more info and we might be able to nudge you in the right direction.
There are several good methods in forum explained in detail... you can try any one...


If you looking for doing white hat stuff, then you can check out my thread, it might help you... BTW best way will be go through forum and look for different methods and see what could be best suited to you... every method works only need to do things in proper way...

The key is to keep with something and to not jump from one idea to another. We all have this problem as in the beginning we expect the money to just grow on trees. The fact is that the methods that bring consistent income take work. I was using FB methods for a while myself and just started earning less and less as the days go on so right now I am working on some sites and doing the SEO and what not for some good consistent income. The internet changes and you have to change with it.

Good luck :)
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