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    So I run a small vps company ( and I make a good income on that monthly. But recently I was wondering if I should try some affiliating again. But I never did because I heard you have to put in like 3 hours of work a day, for some reason that felt like a lot to me, even though I usually spent all day on servers for fun... Anyway, so I decided to commit 10 minutes a day, and today is my first day and I've been at ewhoring,affiliating all day and well... lets just say it's going good. I tried out 3 methods, and my most sucess came from indirect craigslist, meaning I told them to contact me. ( pretend your doing some kind of promotion) Then I told them about my affiliate link ( email submits and stuff ) so theres a tip. Doin this is REALLY addicting and it doesn't seem like work at all... SO that's just some motivation.