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[MOTIVATION] How to succeed in life

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by cool.dude123, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. cool.dude123

    cool.dude123 Senior Member

    Oct 23, 2011
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    Lots of people go through life meeting deadlines and fulfilling jobs they are told to do, they do this to survive, to get enough money to support themselves and their family. However this is not living, this is just surviving. What?s the point of existing if you only do enough just to exist but not anything to really make a difference? You don?t have to make a huge difference that will impact millions but something that makes a positive difference to your life, your family?s life, and your friend?s lives.

    You should strive for greatness in everything you do, especially in the things you are passionate about. If you don?t you could live with regrets for the rest of your life. Don?t just ?exist? but truly live.

    IM can be very time consuming and sometimes it may seem you are failing. However failing time and time again only makes your success greater and gives you greater success. But be sure to remember that IM shouldn?t take up everything. Take a break, have at least one day off, and make sure you have time off in the evening. Do something to take your mind off IM. For me its lifting really heavy stuff up and down lots of times. I do this as it focuses my mind on something else, perfecting my body, I do it because I don?t want to look back and think ?what if?. You should be more concerned about what you will regret rather than if you will fail in as failing can only lead success and greatness. If you never go out of your comfort zone then you won?t fail but you also won?t have the chance to succeed. Do what others don?t and be the best in doing that.

    Money isn?t everything, remember that. Money can only buy you material things, its nice to be able to have big bank balance but don?t let it ruin friendships. One day you will realise that friendships and loved ones are much more important than money. Telling people about how much you make or showing off, even unintentionally will make people judge you and it will only ever be bad for you as people will be jealous and resent you for your success.

    Live every day to the max, as it could be your last day on earth. I?m not going to say YOLO (you only live once) because in truth that?s a lie, you only exist on earth once (YOEOEO). Some people only exist and never ?live? they never grab life by the horns and have the full experience, but also if you impact peoples lives you will live on, your legacy will live on, you will stay alive in the hearts of everyone you have had an impact on. Make it a good life and be sure to have fun each day.

    I have my entire life ahead of me, and I know I will succeed in whatever I want to do as I won?t ever give up and I won?t ever live with regrets. And I hope you will have the same mind-set and determination, as without perseverance, motivation and determination you won?t succeed in life.

    Life is an amazing experience and you should do whatever you can to make your life the best life ever!
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  2. atticanibal

    atticanibal Senior Member

    Mar 22, 2012
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    Behind a Proxy
    Preach it brotha ! Let's all get together and play some blackjack and top it off with hookers ! ....oh wait ... that will happen in the BHW meetup in vegas .
  3. FUBSZ

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    Mar 2, 2011
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    Especially in IM , you get kicked around alot :( . Very True words !!!
    Thanks Cool
  4. Black Monarch

    Black Monarch Newbie

    Feb 20, 2012
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    Strong words. Everyone is unique and has their own habits and wants in life but I think everyone at some point in their life get down to these exact thoughts. Be the best person you can be because your world revolves around you and only you. Friends, relationships and pride have to be the YING to such things like hard work, sweat, fear and heartbreak as your YANG.

    As Cool Dude is saying, make your life as full as possible with realness, not just a bunch of fluff that melts away!
  5. Mooncake

    Mooncake Newbie

    Jan 22, 2014
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    Good read. Thank you for this.