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    I started IM when I joined this forum. You can see when I joined in the top right. It was maybe 2 months ago. Now I am sitting at $4,500 based off of methods that I found here in this very forum in less than a month. It didn't take me long but you have to be able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. If you can't read one post about a method and then combine it with another post about the same method you need to go back to reddit and don't come back.

    This post isn't about my journey or how to make $5000 in day or even for me to tell you what I am doing. This post is to motivate you. The money is sitting right there but you have to want it bad enough. For starters those of you who don't make any money have two problems:

    1. You read a lot but you ask too many questions and end up not doing anything at all.
    2. When you do finally pick something that is safe as hell and won't cost you any money, you're too late to realize that when you finally do start making money it won't be scalable.

    For those of you that are asking too many questions. SHUT UP. READ and EXECUTE. The methods are not saturated, only the number of ways to do that method have increased.

    When you do finally execute think about how you're going to make $10,000 a month. If one youtube video makes you $50 a month are you going to be able to make 200 more videos that make $50 a month?? For the sweet love find something that is scalable and doesn't cost an arm and a leg and half a month to create.

    If you want to make $10,000 a month you have to put something on the line. For those of you that are still searching, good luck.
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