Motivation anyone? Crush it!

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    Hi guys,

    just wanted to share something with you that is not a technique it self and it won't get your 500.000$ in 7 days but if you're looking for motivation or thinking about quitting the IM biz -THIS is the cure, it's an ebook and here I'll share a first few sentences:

    "How badly do you want to crush it? Is it an all-consuming feeling? Do you stay awake at night, your brain swimming with ideas and dreams? Are you willing to do whatever it takes for the chance to live entirely on your own terms? If so, you're lucky. You're lucky becasue you live in an age of unmatched opportunity for anyone with enough hustle, patience and big dreams. I should know since that's all I had to work with..."

    Download "crush it" here:

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    Hope you like it - I did
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