Most profitable Paid Traffic sources for CPA


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Feb 11, 2008
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There're a zillions CPA BH Methods in this forums, some works well, most are POS but whatever methods we are currently using, we can make them long term methods by adding real converting leads to the offer(s) to mix it up. Using BH revenues to pay for WH and legitimate everything.

So i am opening a thread to find out people's experience in what would be the best source of traffic to buy in order to achieve real CPA conversions. Besides PPC. Regardless of the cost of the Traffic (not infomercial ;-) ). Best converting traffic money can buy. For all types of CPA offers : Email/Zips, 1st page submits, paid bizops offers...
Um, the best converting traffic is ppc, because you can target the traffic based on keywords. You can pay per impression with a banner on a site in your niche an do pretty well, but that isn't something I've gotten into yet. Buying untargeted traffic won't convert at all.
Well, if the cpa company allow you to use incentivized traffic, i would agree that ppc is the best option. You can also buy some paid leads
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