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    Your smart - figure it out.
    Some could get you in trouble so know whats legal and not in your town. Implement at your own risk!

    well.... print really is the best. My oldpal sells the biggest billboards in ATL. That said those cost on the hwy = 10k a month depending on location. Small ones of the beaten path = $500 week (great for local biz, restaurants, gyms).

    I had a cool idea a few years ago. Take a pair of old shoes and try to make the bottoms say the ad/site/or number with a rubber cutting kit from the art store. Know what I mean???? Glue the rubber that you carved into a BaiRelief to the shoe sole with the ad facing down. Ive never thought of a print chemical to the day that you would stamp your feet and print to the ground without it being a temporary stamp. IF the stuff stays for too long you might get sued or something. I think mud works best. Try not to make it too obvious that you trying to advertise. Just do it once going in a high traffic area.

    Example Campaign....
    If you live near urban NY.... convince the Pizza owner to let you use the shoe stamp idea and let them take all responsibility if you get caught. Try to make 20 paths around the perimeter from the outside in that lead to the door step of the Pizza place. Make the shoe stamp say something like "Buy 1 get 1 Free on Thurs" And do the stamps on weds night! I dont know how to bank off it but if works and you can see the stats might could be able to take that stat to the next customer. Again...I dont know anything other than red-clay that might work and wash away after a rain.

    WTF moving THINGs from grandmas House -
    Heres another... You know those things that people put on their farms that are like little wooden people and when the wind blows the are making some kinda action (ex..chopping a tree or pouring water??? Try to find one for cheap and super glue/liquid nails you ad to whatever is moving. attach it to your car and PEOPLE WILL SEE IT!

    My buddy in highschool was a clown. He took one of those plastic yard animals like a flamingo but his was a squirrel to the top of his T-TOP 300z. He put a little paper that said something like , "looking to get a nut" and the chicks loved it. I think anything goofy and securely attached to any car will draw attention.

    Oldest print method in the books. Print a fake crumpled up dollar bill. Make sure it looks fake or the TREASURY WILL GET YOU. Print your ad on the back of the bill or mix it in so it looks somewhat not fake. Crumple it good so from 5 feet away it looks real. Drop them around in parking lots.

    Try to get generic condoms. Print something like "new sex move at (the site)..." Take them to a party or a bar and leave them in the bathroom. Have a site that sells sex toys or promo adult junk.

    Wipe it with this -
    Roll your cards up every 5 feet or so int a roll of TPaper and replace them in gas stations or wherever.

    The KISS -
    Get a chick or have good babe lips. Get red lipstick on them and kiss a car or on a napkin and spread them out them well enough to where not every dude in the lot thinks there going to see some action that night. Put a phone number down to a hot-line affiliate or member site. Works well with strip clubs and bars.

    Babes -
    Easy enough. Hire a hottie in short shorts to hand out anything and everything.

    There is some kinda paint that glows under a black light. Ive seen Dizney sets and cruise lines have giant murals where in daylight they are one image and under a blacklight they are another. This is real complex as I have been contemplating this for years. Try to paint a magnetic sign for your car and set up a mini black light that hooks into your cigarette lighter. At night turn on the light and there you see some thing.......I dont know....get creative. If you have a white car you can use the white invisa paint. You cant see it during the day but if there were bold lights showering the entire car somehow it would make an awesome impact. Its no different then having a white tattoo at a club/rave.

    MY IDEA NO matter what anyone says!..Hiyah
    You can buy bulk Chinese chop sticks and have your add printed on them. Go to a local Chinese place and tell them you have an idea. Dont give them all the details. Just tell them how much it cost and that you have a local mailer idea to bring them more customers. Print on the paper cover of the sticks.... "Bring this set of UNOPENED CHOPSTICKS by 3041 and get a free side dish" The bulk mailing can get expensive. Hiring flyer-hander-outers would be more cost efficient.

    Free cell Phone -
    Easy print a picture of a cell phone that looks kinda used and abused. Use with the right affiliates (ring tones, discounts, ec.) lay them around inconspicuous places like the mall cafeteria.

    The BRICK -
    Tape your Glass/window repair biz card to a brick and throw them threw every window in the neighborhood!!! hahah DONT DO THIS.

    Please add more as I hope this turns into a giant list of offline tips and tricks! Thanks for reading.
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    I like this dollar bill trick. But of course you would reach everybody, so you would have to market a product that everyone is interested in, or at least knows someone who is highly interested in it. You could make a whole small town go crazy with this probably if you spread out 1000s of these bills on the streets and in shopping centers..Everywhere..:D
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    Haha love the last one!

    But seriously very nice list and some pretty nice creative ideas for marketing!