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    So me and my associate (roomate) want to move to either the bahamas or virgin islands, for no business taxes. Anyone have any experiences with this, or can give any advice on such a venture?


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    You'll need passports and then to apply for a residency visa.

    Most likely they will not want you to ever be in need of a job (not sure about these specific places but most tropical US friendly countries as they have plenty of people trying to move there and they want the wealthy to support their native populations) either so you will need to provide a bank account with a sizeable chunk of cash (I move a lot and some countries require as much as $100K in an account but that's WAY on the high end aka Fiji) that you can show them on top of your earnings which you can show as being consistent.

    It also generally takes some time for your visa to be approved if its a desirable country.

    Alternatively consider just moving there on a temporary visa and try it out for 6 months or so and then bounce to another place you've always wanted to live.