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monitter is down..any suitable replacements?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Astro Zombie, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Astro Zombie

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    Oct 31, 2013
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    Ok...so I've decided to focus my maniacal efforts on the brainless twitter zombies today. I've read a few posts here, some kinda "dated". My discovery.
    Revtwt - $50 minimum to start.
    Twivert - Have to start an actual twitter acct first..I'll let you know.

    One method was to take zip code submits, run it thru one of the afore mentioned sites and blame...double your money. Hmmm
    The aff they mentioned was asendmedia. I do not know them. Their application says possibly 2 days to approve? Are they an instant approval like
    clickbank was, but just have a slow system? Is there someone better?

    Another method involved the now deceased monitter. you find individuals, match an offer from CB, wash the link so it isn't so ugly, and send it to them. Sounds like a full time job??? How many "tweets" or whatever could you really send a day with THAT much homework involved???

    Is there a service that would send CB loaded ads only to relevant twitterers? Obviously sending CB links thru Twivert would be a waste of money as it's not targeted and requires a purchase.

    Without monitter it doesn't look like pushing CB is even possible on twitter unless you blindly waste time and money in "hopes" of a sale.

    IS there anything automated that actually works targeting Twitter...or is Twitter pretty much dead too? I know that both them and FB have been hemorrhaging users in the US for at least a year.

    Amid the 250k/yr & 100 or 50/day posts...you can consider this my journey to "one penny" post. Once we earn something then we will note it and set the bar higher. Hopefully, one day I can create a post with all the links to the hierarchy of journeys I've made from this $0.01 post to where ever I top out at. If nothing pans out then there will be a continual propagation of "penny posts" or worse...journey to break back even posts LOL

    Point being, I will not stew in defeat quietly. If something fails I will be very vocal about it until someone points out just where & why I failed. It's probably very obvious to you, but completely new to me and I'm not afraid to annoy the living isht out of you to get the correct answer!

    If you have better ideas to how to attack and dominate the puny Twittersphere let me know or put up the link to a post I may have missed.
    K...gotta go...time to refuel the mothership
    till next time
    Astro Zombie signing out