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    Hi guys,

    Two months ago I started a torrent website. I collect movie-data from resources such as IMDB and find relevent torrents. I display these movies in a visual list; ordered by popularity, IMDB rating and such. My concept is perfect for people who want to have movies ideas.

    Currently I have around 200K movies, 30K movies indexed by Google, and 5K UV a day. Expectations for the end of this week are 1MIL movies. (a new script is running). With-in a month I hope to get at least 30K visits a day. At this time I monetize my website with Adsense, making around 10USD a day on avg, but I want to get rid of Adsense to avoid the risc of getting my account banned. I tried many alternatives such as exoclick , but they are all terrible compared to Adsense. I am looking for an ad-provider providing only the 'download now ads'. Exoclick does that, but they pay like 0.001 cents per click.

    Any alternative networks or great ideas?

    Kind regards,