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    BHW a twitter tool allows you to view live twitter feeds on 3 keywords at a time, or base a feed on distance from a location.

    I found the tool to be great for searching for news on current events. The content feed is continuous and spits out a new twitter every 5 seconds if the topic is abroad. If you feel the need to comment on one of the twitter feeds, you can do so with out navigating away from the Monitter site.

    You can also find out whats happening in your area pretty easily with the distance filter.

    A great business opportunity for those of you looking to get more twitter followers, try putting "first tweet" in one of the feed columns, welcome them to twitter and follow them, then watch the followers herd in.

    Enter the word ?SEO? and you immediately tapping into the conversations of thousands of people talking about SEO. Already in watching those keywords you can see people talking about various Seo topics, linking to new interviews or articles, or asking how to optimize their site, etc. A smart business would be using tools like this to interact with those people.

    Widgets for Your Website - want to show your blog or website reader what people are tweeting about a keyword? There?s a widget tool that enables you to add real time monitoring of keywords to your site.

    Yes we all know that Twitter is full of about 90% garbage, but isn't the rest of the internet already the same way? sift through the garbage and eventually you find something worth reading! I can smell a change in search Engines coming. This real time search is going to catch on quickly.
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