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    Okay, I don't know how many people use this pre-paid card service. It seems most people who have this card, at one point worked for EnticeCash and wanted daily payout. But anyhow, here is why I'm shit-listing them.

    I've had an account with them since 2006. They are really the only bank I use since all my affiliate programs pay me daily on it. Well last week, they got a new site. I had to verify my e-mail address and information by calling in to access my account on their new site. That's fine.

    Well one of my affiliate programs went to drop in $1000 from the weekend. The folks at the local Moneytree branch called him an hour later, saying there was a block on my card. I call Moneytree, which is always hassle in the first place, because it's an outsourced call center that is worthless.

    At first, the kid who's name was Walter (What native Asian names' their kid Walter?), he told my everything was great on my account. I pressed the issue some more, and then he said "Oh, you have a block that our back-up department put on. Please hold well I transfer you." I waited 10 minutes, then he came back on and told me they were closed to call back in the morning. Awesome, I have a grand floating somewhere around in bank space.

    I call back the next morning. When I finally get through to this back-up department, I had been disconnected once, and had waited over 40 minutes on hold. The lady looks over my account and then says "Yes, we have questions about some recent activity you did on the 14th". She says they are concerned about "Backpage" charges. I tell her those are totally cool. The only reason I had like 5 of them on my account that day, was because I was too lazy to transfer funds over to my Netspend card that I usually use for Backpage. The ads I posted, were escort ads for a CPA I do. Really not a big deal. But apparently she thought it was.

    She straight asked me if I was an escort and said that was against their policy. I don't remember any bank having 'moral policies'. I correct her, and tell her I posted in 5 cities across the country, and this was for a marketing company I worked for, and that if I was an escort, I'd be a broke one because I'd be flying from NYC to LA to Chicago etc.

    After her lecture, she unblocks my card, but says "If we EVER see this activity again, you will be banned permanently." Luckily for her, I had a lot of shit to do so I didn't have much time to bitch at her about how fucking stupid it was. But I am sure I'll run in to more problems in the future. I was at a strip club the other night, wonder if I should call and see if they can approve those charges. :eek: