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money making method

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by youngnooblet, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. youngnooblet

    youngnooblet Newbie

    Mar 29, 2011
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    I'm not involved in this business, but I'm putting this idea out because of the help i got from bhw.

    1) Start a Guerilla marketing company
    2) Call and local businesses/ entrepreneurial companies interested
    3) Tell them of interesting things you can do- get them featured on youtube, seo ranking, ect
    4) Source work to random sites, such as http://www.buyrealyoutubeviews.com/
    ^This can get them featured on youtube if you buy enough views.
    5) Outsource seo work on freelancer.com
    5) Charge them a huge premium on this service

    In essence, you want to handle all their advertisement work, and charge a huge premium by consolidating services and making everything flow smoothly. For example, you can buy 100,000 youtube views for $260, create an interesting video for them, manage their facebook page and buy another 1,000 "likes", do their seo <--and charge them a couple thousand as a "consolidated package"