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    Sep 2, 2012
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    Hello guys I've always wanted to earn money being an affiliate for a hosting company. I saw dreamhost pays something like $75 per sign up/paid hosting. Now this is probably an old idea but I am only posting it here as maybe someone could give me some advice/tips/ or whatever. The idea is simple:

    Offer businesses website designing services at super low prices, get them to opt in on my website, tell them to register for hosting at a certain company and then just redirect them to fiverr for a cheap website design service. I also keep their email address and can maybe make more money with other products through them in the future. I know I could design the websites and ask even more money but I really don't have time for that and if I could make an extra $75 a day I wouldn't mind.

    My main problem is getting traffic. I think the best way would be to go through craigslist, backpage ect but I am from outside the US so would probably have to pay for that. I could even do some yahoo answers and forum commenting.

    Does anyone have experience with being a affiliate for a hosting company, which is the best?
    Any comments, advice , harsh realities are welcomed