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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Zerift, May 24, 2012.

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    Help me guys, I don't know how to start. I don't have accounts such as Adsense and Paypal, i'm 15. How do I start earning money? I also don't have a twitter account with a lot of followers to do trick. I would love to try the techniques that you will give. Just give me a start. Also can you guys explain what a Niche is?
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    Use the search function , you will find all your answers in other threads

    good luck
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    there are a lot of threads around which explain easy methods, to start out with, as a newbie.
    don`t think you will find the get-rich-overnight-thing. it doesn`t really exist.
    you will find basic methods that will make you money - all of them require some knowledge and work. use the searchg function or browse around.
    gain knowledge on whats possible, what is easy and what is more experienced. learn how things works - your picture will ighten up more and more and you can develop more and more.
    choose something easy for the start - and don`t think about thousands to roll in easy. give it a learning curve and get used to things.

    a niche?
    i guess someone else will have a more accurate answer - but to give you an explanation:
    a baker doesn`t sell insurances. a doctor doesn`t paint buildings. a lawyer doesn`t do iron-works etc. etc....
    ...they all have a niche they are operating in & trying to sell their stuff in.

    it basically is kind of a topic...
    ...a topic you choose to be involved in. there are countless things you can create a website about. if you create a website and try to sell insurances and then do travel-offers too and try to sell viagra as well in one place - that won`t work out really.
    people search for specific terms a.e. in google - they search something and you want to provide it. so you do keyword research (a term to read up a.e.) then choose what you want to promote and then build your approach around it.

    a niche therefore describes a certain field people are interested in and you can choose to want to go along with it or not...
    ...which depends on different factors - but you will have to read that up and learn what it means. thats one of the basics if you want to start out making money in IM.

    hope it helped you a bit.
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    I suggest you learn and implement seo, though it takes time, BUT its worth.. Just start doing with 2 websites, learn seo and do backlinks yourself at first so you will learn something yourself with your exp.. and after when you become bit expert, you can go ahead with outsource.. Hope it little helps..
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