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Money Maker on Auto pilot

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by daminee80, May 7, 2015.

  1. daminee80

    daminee80 Newbie

    Aug 21, 2014
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    A few months ago a read an article on the Amazon -> Ebay dropship method. If I remember correctly, some dude on hear was paying his college tuition just by doing that.


    Well, I tried the method manually, and it works... I am making a few hundred dollars in profit a month, nothing to write home about. But like all things in this forum, once you have a working method, it's about scaling. So as a programmer I figured why not develop a program to do this method automatically. So far, this is what I am going for:

    1. Put in item's ASIN and then all relevant text, images, and the item description will be taken from the Amazon and a listing will be created on Ebay.
    2. Pricing will be automatically set to Amazon Price + Ebay commission + desired Profit (with the ability to create new pricing models in later releases)
    3. Ebay pricing will be automatically updated to reflect any price change on Amazon. (I got screwed selling an item that listed on Amazon for $99 that went up to $119 a few days later)
    4. If the item is sold-out on Amazon (or at very low inventory), this will also be reflected in the Ebay listing. (Got a neutral rating added to my account because of this)
    5. Automatic re-listing of sold items. (Good for starter accounts that can't list many items)
    6. Automatic order table generation, listing all orders for the day with an easy to click link. (I didn't like to have to go looking for the items on Amazon again, once they were sold)
    7. Linking to Amazon Associates account so that you can make money twice, once for the sale on Ebay, and once again from Amazon for selling the item. (Yes this is possible, you just have to use your noggin, see #6)
    8. Plugin API to add new sites besides Ebay (My goal it to eventually make it scour the web for big price discrepancies, I made a killing last year selling Black & Decker toasters that sears had for $22-$24 and Amazon was selling for $39)
    9. Ebay to Ebay dropshipping (Auction <-> Buyit Now arbitrage, having tried this, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. i.e. sell a ButItNow item (that you don't own yet) then buy it on Auction for cheaper.
    10. [Future version] Automated message and feedback posting.

    The purpose of me starting this thread is to:

    1. Receive feedback on features that I should add
    2. Get some alpha testers ( I will limit this to long standing members and any Admins if they are interested )
    3. Figure out what something like this would be worth??? Eventually after the final beta release, I plan to sell it to a limited few... selling it to the masses would sort of defeat the purpose of such a program.

    Side Note:

    I saw some people complaining about the not getting money into their account right away and having to wait twenty days. Well, the quickest want to become an approved seller is to ask a friend for help. Basically you list items that cost maybe $5 to $10, give someone you trust the cash and just have them buy it from you. If you don't have any friends or family, or, well anyone you can trust, just register an EIN with the state and then use that to create a bank account as a sole proprietor (well, you would register as an SP first, then get an EIN, then bank account) and just buy items from yourself. After you have achieved the quantity metric you then have to reach $1000 in total sales, so for the last item or two just sell something that you have that you really don't need anymore... at the end of the day, this might cost you a few dollars ($50 - $150) but at least you don't have to wait around for months to build up your trust rating and feedback score to get enough sales to do this method.
  2. onions4all

    onions4all Newbie

    Jun 8, 2015
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    How would you pay Amazon for the goods, surely they want money 'up front'? How would your bot deal with that? It's a very good idea this arbitrage, only yesterday got an ebook for free off someone detailing this manually. But you have to be in control and the bot would be autonomous and has no check book!!
  3. pcpreciw

    pcpreciw Registered Member

    Jun 7, 2015
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    I would say 30 dollars monthly subscription would be good, or 200 to sell for life time