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Oct 22, 2008
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Hey all BHW members, i ahve read a lot in last few weeks for cpa. and methods and stuff. and now i wanna ask some of you things.

How are u all earning with C*pa L*ead? the ones who is in this network.
I made some $$ with u tube videos i guess everybody knows that method.

Question is what other ideeas and methods do you all have?

Googles Trends, Youtube + Movies and seems to be the go for me.

I uploaded around 30 videos on Youtube about watching the full movie on my site, I'm hitting $30 a day with a site I made one week ago. Not a huge amount, but in all honesty I wouldn't even classify it as 'work'.

As for Google Trends, find a hot topics, write an article on your site about it, digg, mixx, folkd, reddit it, ping it, make a youtube video on it and you'll just about convert well.

CPA.Lead is probably one of the easiest CPA networks you can make money with.
the same methods for me. works well but youtube dont like me i always get banned and stuff like that. sais i spam. and that shit. do any of you works for the seo of the site? more dieeas are welcome.
Twitter is also a good way to generate traffic for these types of offers/surveys. I have used it myself with great success.
so no one has to say nothing? no other methods that worth it? come people dont be shye share some. for the comunity
I use CL to make all my money, you have tons of niche areas with highly targeted traffic....just think outside the box
paydot and with proxy how much u make? but u might get cought! what proxy u use payed? vpn?
any other methods ideeas toughts outside the box? :p all welcome :)
that youtube method for tv and movies niches are effective.
i've seen lot of guys doing this on youtube.. not yet saturated
twitter? gotta give it a try
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