Monetzing CPAs with Offline marketing An Idea

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    Hey guys ,
    I have just been thinking of offline marketing thats reaches College students.
    Most of us spend so much time on the internet , That we just dont get out of our homes.

    On-campus events are the least utilized but could be extremely effective marketing opportunities that exist for the college student market.

    Lets say you have a offer that you want to promote and you are targetting students or people with age group 18-24.

    All you need to do is

    1. go to a university website of your choice
    2. find the student organization directory
    3. find an organization that sounds relevant to you (i.e. video game club, entrepreneurship club)
    4. search for them on Facebook
    5. see if they have a group/page
    6. look for the kinds of events they organize
    7. email the president asking if you could sponsor one of their future events

    What they will get from your group

    • they get a limited budget from student council
    • if they have a good fan base on Facebook they have figured out how to market themselves
    • they get to use campus resources that you can't use (i.e. power point slide show in the cafeteria)
    • they know what students want to see at events
    • it is cool to have corporate sponsors, it adds to the credibility of the event
    All you have to do is sponsor some food, or send them some free products and they will love you.

    Let me know what youall think about this..
    feedbacks , critics suggestions are welcome
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    Maybe too much work for ropinda...but I like the idea. Just requires a little up front work but I can see it paying off in the long run as you network with the org. and meet people that can introduce you to other people. Good thinking outside the normal four-square box.