Monetizing Red Box Codes

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by joshweaver9, Oct 12, 2011.

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    I have 500-1000 red box codes for free movie rentals and I was thinking about how to monetize them. My thoughts are to put them on a content locker and when they complete an offer give them 10 or so codes. The codes are reusable as long as they are used by a different CC.

    So my thoughts were to set up a content locking site and when they complete it, it gives them the codes along with the links to a few other sites where they can get even more codes.

    What do you guys think any help on this?

    Also I am taking any recommendations on the content locker as I have never used one before other than leadbolt and I am tired of getting scrubbed by them.
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    Setup an SMS campaign. Give them one code for texting/joining. Send them one code every couple of days along with another mobile offer. Once you get a large enough list, partner with local establishments to 'sponsor' the code delivery.

    Can't offer any advice on content lockers as I built my own. CLP is for sale in the BST section.