Monetizing Other Peoples Google Adds?

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by hist0ry, Apr 14, 2012.

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    May 1, 2011
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    This is just a thought and I have not done this. I want to run this by those on BHW for help and to also help those who may want to try this and as a result post their experiences helping me in the long run. I dont know if anyone has suggested this before or if there is a WSO or something but its an idea I had as I also own a computer repair business and this annoys me to no end.

    Basically google adwords is fairly dominant and there are advertisements on google for almost every town big and small for every single niche. Im thinking maybe the whole letter method could work in a different manner.

    What if we find businesses advertising in adwords for certain keywords in towns and then screen shot it and then contact the other businesses playing on the fact most people are not aware they are advertisements and will click them 'stealing' their business and how its not fair. We can then upsell them on our SEO packages and potentially on managing their google advertising for them.

    It would also be a good way of getting those without a website to get one as why would these companies pay for advertising on google if it doesnt generate any money (we all know most will get no work from small town searches) but we can still play on this.

    Personally I think this could work but I dont know what you guys think.

    Share your experiences if possible as this to me is something that could be awesome.