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    Hey guys
    I've read a lot in the forum but just cannot find an answer to my question. Since this is my first post in the forum and I am an absolute noob I am expecting to get burned but if I don't ask I probably will never find the answer.

    So here's my story. After reading a lot in the forum it became quickly obvious that a lot of traffic is the magic formula to make money. So I thought about what kind of page I could create where I get a lot of traffic easily. I came up with the idea of creating a proxy server. I am going to school in Australia and here the government restricts the pages we are able to visit during school.

    I've simply set up the proxy and distributed it in my school. Now it is used in 4 different schools in my area and I am getting 1600 people using it per day (not including weekends or holidays). The distribution of the page is quite easy, there is nearly no competitors and those that are there are easily beaten since I am a student myself. Now my question is how I can monetize my site. I thought about the campaigns where people have to give an email adresse to "win free stuff" or something similar. But then again I cannot find any campaign where people FIRST have to enter their email adresse and fill out a survey or something before they can access my page. Is there something that works like this? I am quite sure that anyone of the users would be happy to fill in some bit of data in order to be able to use the proxy.

    I am really looking forward to your answers (and the burns I will most likely earn lol)