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Monetizing/maximizing pinterest

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by offwhite, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. offwhite

    offwhite Regular Member

    Feb 20, 2013
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    I have quite a few websites monetised with ad sense - total earnings around £600pm and some with a few affiliate links. Most of the traffic comes from SE's.

    I'm looking at how to utilise Pinterest and have an account and have read a few threads here.
    I have opened some boards in niches that i think are probably popular areas on Pinterest and ones i have some interest in.
    I'm quite into photography and so am pinning some of my own images in addition to repinning from other sources. Hopefully this means that real people will see my boards and see fresh stuff not only the same old stuff that's on other boards

    I am using a bot to like/repin about 20 images or follow about 10 boards per day
    I am adding url's of my sites to relevant images.
    I am using addmefast and Youlikehits to get some followers/repins

    Other than that I'm a bit in the dark - would appreciate some advice:
    My main tactic here is to get people to visit my money sites by clicking through from pins. How viable is this? Is there something i'm missing?
    Is there danger in getting banned for using a bot?
    Am I doing this too small scale to be viable?
    What percentage of images should I add my url to? At present it is about 10% - I have to do this manually.

    Any other thoughts/ideas would be appreciated. Although I've been designing/promoting and monetising websites for about 8-10 years, I'm a real newbie with pinterest, but of all the social media platforms it's the one i enjoy the most!