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    Hello friends! I am a newcomer to BHW and looking to start earning some profits in 2015, like a considerable amount of people are doing already.

    History: Started using an old Instagram bot to like/comment on 3 accounts. Bot became unusable, so I purchased FollowLiker unlimited license. Using 4 main accounts each with their own niche. 3 Initial accounts oldest picture is 30+ weeks old, 4th account is almost 2 months old with just over 1k followers. I hadn't put a whole lot of effort into being consistent with the account(posting frequently). A1 has just over 4k, A2 is just over 3.1k, A3 is just over 3.2k(some of the pictures have upwards of 2k likes, one had 4k+)
    Recently I just purchased a few proxies to make some completely automated accounts(fan pages/etc). I figure once they get a decent sized following, I can use them to tag my main account(with the same niche) to help increase the following of that one.
    The content that I post on all 4 of the main accounts is top tier. I take the time to make the editing/etc as good as possible, without spending more than is needed.
    TL;DR 4 main accounts, low picture count, decent-high like/comment amount, ~3-4k follow count. Several idle accounts on the back burner for now.
    Background Knowledge: My PC is running my FollowLiker ~20 hours a day, which allows the bot to complete each task it's set out to do(like/comment/follow/etc.) Accounts get 50-150 follows a day.
    Intent: I would like to earn a comfortable living, which for me would be ~$60/day (If it was possible to remove variables and make that ~60 as consistent as possible ;P)

    So the thought behind this post is to get as much knowledge as possible, from people who have been/currently are in the same position I am in. BHW has been around for a while, so combing through years of content would become redundant after a while. I'm not saying hand me what I need to know on a silver platter, but politely point me in the right direction. Share your experiences with me. What has/n't worked for you? :)


    How to Monetize Instagram?
    What are the best methods to monetize? CPA/Shoutouts/Affiliate Links/et cetera?

    Branching Instagram to other Social Media(Facebook/Twitter/etc)
    Would it be best to start linking alternate social media as soon as possible, or build a more solid foundation? (The purpose for this would be to open up options for monetization, as well as new traffic, which could be sent back to Instagram)

    Tagging your own alternate accounts in bigger account?
    Is this a thing?(Don't laugh at me, I'm new D: ) Directing your followers from big account to lower account. Once the following has reached that 'popular' mark, I'd say around 50k followers, make new accounts and have the main account tag in photos to bring traffic into the new account.

    Investing profits?
    Once you start seeing a return on your page, what would you recommend to invest into? (I'm not sure what an answer would even look like for this question, but if I had to guess, website? Maybe DeathByCaptcha? Proxies for new accounts to boost main ones?)
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    Im a noob just like you, but im also looking into IM via instagram. From what ive read it seems that the best way to monetize is through shoutouts but ive read of people doing CPA too. Good luck and hope to hear more of your journey
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    do you have kik?...cus i currently have a group with newbies and we all learn about Monetizing Instagram and sharing ideas together...if you would like to then add username is alhombera :)
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    Just messaged you on KIK