Monetizing high searched low competition keywords to make money

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by low key, Aug 5, 2009.

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    nah. but thanks.
    Hello, so I'm getting highly searched low competition keywords that people search for.

    I want to rank for them with my OWN site. Instead of an article directory like I did before. What I did before was to just end an article with a clickbank link.

    What would be good to do now.
    I might write an article based on my keyword, submit it to my website and just do the same? End the article with a related clickbank product maybe.

    I'm looking for something simple, I don't really want to add the pop ups, opt in forms and everything else.

    I simply want to get traffic to my website and make money form it when it comes, not a year later in an email list. That I'll do later.

    What do you guys do to make money in this SEO category?
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    Oct 1, 2008
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    Well , you could always do the same that you were doing but instead of linking to CB link to your own website. Eventually with promotion it will out rank those web 2.0 :)
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    I only make whitehat sites. As far as you're asking, I make a wordpress blog and use static pages. When I have a live article, I'll put a vendor banner in the top right corner of the article. I also put a big affiliate link after the first paragraph, something like "For the best guide, click here"

    At the bottom of the article I'll have another vendor banner with some text that has a little story like "I used to have this problem too, but I bought x and now my problems are gone. according to analyitcs and clickbank, I have a very high ctr, something like 50-75 %
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